The most FAKED products from Moncler

It's no shock to anyone that designer brands often is replicated. Moncler, is one of the most faked brands in the world, but which items are faked the most?

Through our authentication service we do not only help our customers authenticating their items, we also learn what's faked the most.  

Here is the top 3 most faked items from Moncler.


TOP 3: Moncler Tricot Down Cardigan 


One of the most popular items ever made by Moncler. Considering this, it's no wonder why it's so faked. The model is also discontinued since 2020/2021, and can only be found second-hand in small quantities. This makes this model even more lucrative to counterfeiters. Luckily, a fake of this model is easy to spot for even a semi-trained eye. But as always, make sure to have the cardigan authenticated when buying one of these. We can help you with that HERE


The second most faked item: Maya Down Jacket

The most sold jacket ever by Moncler is the Maya, but also the second most faked item according to our authentication service. These fakes come in every color, especially baby blue, so watch out when buying one of these. But it's not the most faked item, so which can it be?


The most faked Moncler item: Moncler Bormes Gilet

This might come as a shock to a few but the Moncler Bormes Gilet is singlehandedly the most faked Moncler item according to our authentication page. Luckily, these fakes are also easy to spot. But why is it so faked? The retail price at €1250 or 13900 SEK is probably the biggest factor. It's a lot of money for a gilet.


But what can you do to avoid being scammed on a fake item?

Consider investing 49SEK or €4,95 to have your item authenticated before buying and spending hundreds or thousands of euros on an item.

You can check your item with us here and get a response within 24h.