Can a Certilogo be FAKE?

Is there such a thing as a fake certilogo?

Well, don't shoot the messenger but.. yes.

With the rise of fakes and sites I won't mention, you as a consumer has to be either

1. buy your products from official retailers or trusted sources (like us 😉) or

2. Be one step ahead of the fakers and scammers.


When authenticating a product with certilogo, like Stone Island or C.P. Company, you have to be careful. 

When Certilogo tells you that a product is authentic, it is authentic, no doubt about it and that's not what I'm trying to say. But you have to be sure that you have come to the right website.


Lately there have been surfacing fakes with, what it looks like, certilogos that says they are authentic when they really aren't. 

But that's not the whole truth. These fakes come with QR codes that take you to the wrong website. It looks exactly the same as the official website but its a copy.

So when you are checking your product, make sure that you are on the correct website by checking the URL. Often these fake websites has a wierd URL link.


So to summarize, always check the website URL before buying a garment of a non trusted source.