The History Of Stone Island

Stone Island is an Italian luxury fashion brand that was founded in 1982 by Massimo Osti, a revolutionary fashion designer and garment engineer from Bologna. The brand is named after the nautical novels of Joseph Conrad, and it was conceived with a deep philosophy of research, experimentation, and function Stone Island has been producing reflective and heat-reactive garments since the 1980s, way before anyone else The brand uses trademark reflective fabric, dyeing compounds, and surface treatments to produce garments.

Stone Island has had a cult following in Europe since the very beginning. It was first adopted by the Paninaro youth in Italy in the 1980s - their style was very much inspired by 1950s Americana, but combined with sporty Italian designer labels. It was around this period that British football fans, following their teams to European Cup games, started bringing back some of these same labels to wear on terraces in the UK, appropriating the Paninaro look and building their own subculture around it

Stone Island has been an inescapable part of UK street style for decades. It recently opened an LA flagship, and is in the third year of what’s proving to be an extremely popular Supreme collaboration. The brand has been gaining traction over in the States, and it doesn’t hurt that rappers like Drake and Travis Scott are giving the brand’s iconic arm patch a ton of exposure to people who would normally never see it

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