2024's biggest trend: Old Money

What is Old Money? Which brands are considered Old Money? And why is it the biggest trend of 2024?
Gone are the days with flashy logo's and big prints (not really), now all the hype is around the Old Money aesthetic. But what is it?

What is Old Money?

The term "Old money" refers to persons and their families who have had wealth for many years. They are in other words Born into wealth. They have an aristocratic lifestyle and take elegance over flashy logo's and big brand names.


Which brands or styles is considered old money?

The Old Money style can be summarized in a short sentence. It's brands and apparel that never goes out of style. Clothing with discrete colors and patterns, fine materials and often subtle logos, if any at all.

Which brands are considered Old Money?

Loro piana

Ralph Lauren

Brunello Cucinelli




to name a few.

Why is "Old Money" trending?

Since the "hypebeast" era in 2015-2018, people have started to dress more casually and the use of big branding and logos have gone down. This steady decline has led us to today, where logos are seen less and less.